If you are planning to participate as a 4-H team in the ECTC, you will be required to submit a copy of your 4-H Club Charter along with your ECTC Eligibility Roster to the conference statistician (Pam Scholz)by February 27th.

If it has been a number of years since your club was organized and your clubs charter certificate has been misplaced, the league will accept a letter verifying your club's status in good standing, from your counties UNL Extension Office on their letterhead.

Every 4-H team participating must be an organized, chartered Shooting Sports 4-H Club.

All individuals participating with the club must be a member of that 4-H Shooting Sports club and be enrolled in the Shotgun Shooting Sports Project.

Regardless of what your counties enrollment deadline is, club charters must be submitted by Feb. 27th.

This will also be a requirement for a 4-H team to shoot at the Cornhusker Nationals in Doniphan. Patti & Pam will be working with the individual counties and Steve Pritchard to verify enrollment of 4-H members in each club.

We have not determined a date for when we will start confirming enrollments, but will let you know when that will occur.

From what I've been told, all Nebraska counties are moving to a computerized enrollment this coming year. Therefore, we anticipate that enrollment information from the county or state 4-H offices will be available very quickly.

Every 4-H Shooting Sports Club must have a leader who is 4-H Certified. An NRA certificate or other certification will not be accepted by the state 4-H office.